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Dear clients and friends,

This is a friendly reminder that the introductory period for our new Precedence and Breeze 2.1 products is currently active. Please also see the important update note regarding Breeze 2.1 below. We'd also like to thank everyone for the extremely positive response so far!

Precedence is a unified field theory of direct sound spatialization and positioning. It produces a self-modulating stereo-image that creates an instantaneous sense of width and presence similar to stereo microphone techniques used in live acoustic spaces. Precedence then positions this image within a virtual stage giving ultra precise left-to-right, and front-to-back distance localization, which together with 2CAudio reverbs, creates an incredible sense of hyper-realistic 3D space and specific positioning within this space. Move out of flatland, experience higher dimensions of spatialization, and achieve precise and purposeful positioning in all directions. The missing link in the next evolution of spatial sound has been found and is avaible today. Take Precedence over spatially inferior mixes.

New Preset Expansions

Precedence is normally priced at $99.95. Precedence and Breeze 2.1 are also part of the new Perfect Storm 3.5 bundle for $499.95.

Limited-time introductory offers are available for the first 30 days:

Precedence: $74.95. Save $25.

Existing Perfect Storm 3.0 customers can order Precedence for only $49.95 during the introductory period and this action will upgrade them to Perfect Storm 3.5 status automatically. Simply apply this voucher at checkout if you qualify: Upgrade_PerfectStorm35

Custom upgrades to Perfect Storm 3.5 from earlier versions of Perfect Storm or some sub-set thereof are also possible. Email for details.

New Preset Expansions

The primary uses of Precedence are:

• Sound-Stage Positioning
• Accurate Orchestral and Acoustic Positioning
• Stereo Microphone Technique Emulation
• Mono-to-Stereo Upmixing
• 3D Spatial Mixing
• Depth Placement

• Stereo Imaging & Manipulation
• Stereo Widening and Narrowing
• Instrument Repositioning
• Reverb & Early Reflections Enhancement

• Spatial Effects
• Voice Doubling
• Vocal Sweetening
• Intimate Ambience Effects
• Super-Stereo and Other Unusual Spatial Effects

• Modulation Effects
• Auto Panner Effects
• Random Gain Modulation
• Humanize Effects Via Sublte Source Movement

For a detailed explanation of why Precedence is something special, please read the Spatial Evolution and Getting Deep tabs of the product page.

New Preset Expansions

Breeze 2.1 is a free update for existing Breeze 2.0 customers and also offers the following new features:

• P-Link Mode
• Chameleon Color GUI
• Sub-Zero Suspend-On-Silence CPU-Saver
• 3 New Filter Types
• Improvement to Early Phase Response
• Phase Inversion Button
• Channel Swap Button
• Other Misc Internal Tweaks and Improvements
• New Presets

Both Precedence and Breeze 2.1 are fully functioning products that can be used on their own; however, true magic happens when they are used together. Breeze 2.1 offers a new P-Link feature that changes the way Pre-Delay and other algorithm internals are set, and transforms the Mix control into something that effectively helps control distance perception. When used together with Precedence, an incredibly realistic sense of depth and distance can be achieved allowing instruments to be recessed back into the sound stage in an extremely convincing manner. Breeze 2.1 effectively defines the spatial environment, and Precedence allows placement anywhere within this space, achieving the ultimate realism and control. This is extremely appealing for scoring and orchestral work for example, and may become the start of a new paradigm of spatial mixing. Please refer to the Breeze 2.1 Release Notes for additional details.

Important updates: There was an unfortunate bug in the initial Mac OSX versin of Breeze 2.1 update, where the plug-in gain ended up significantly lower than it should be. It has been fixed. Please re-download 2.1 from My Downloads and re-run the installer if you use OSX. If you use Windows you do not need to do anything. The demo versions have been updated as well. We have also been making good progress on establishing auto-parameter linking between Precedence and Breeze 2.1 and hope to have something to share in the form of another free update shortly.

New Preset Expansions

Precedence and Breeze 2.1 are so efficient that it is easily possible to run over one thousand instances on the latest desktops and workstations. Ultra low CPU usage is great, but there is one thing even better: zero CPU usage! We have now introduced an intelligent suspend-on-silence feature in our products. If the plug-ins are not receiving any input signal, they will automatically disable processing, and enter an approximately zero CPU usage state! If playback is stopped for a coffee break, lunch break, or overnight, processing is automatically suspended, potentially saving you significant money on your electric bill. In other words, we automatically turn the lights off for you, helping to save the planet in the process. We think that is pretty cool.

New Preset Expansions

With the release of Precedence and Breeze 2.1 we are introducing our new Chameleon Color user preference system for all our products. This system allows extreme user control over the hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, vibrance, spectral intensity, color harmony, and other more macro design choices in our GUIs. Huge variations in GUI appearance are now possible, from subtle, elegant and professional refinement, to boisterous frisky frolics that inspire creativity and scream "be different". Approximately 150 different Color Preference Presets are supplied pre-made as well. Of course a huge number of GUI sizes are available as well for further customization.


"If there were an effect plug-in of the year award, B2 would certainly get my vote." - Wusik Sound Magazine, 10/2012

"More than the sum of its parts, this amazing dual reverb will blow you away." - Music Radar, 11/2012

"It doesn't take long to realize this is a spectacular plug-in capable of producing an incredibly broad range of effects..." - Computer Music, 11/2012

"10/10! The voicing throughout sounds dense and creamy, but never in a way that can drown a mix." - Music Tech Magazine, 12/2012

"...an engineer's wet dream. The outstanding sound quality, deep programmability and great price make Aether the reverb plug-in to beat!" - EM, 11/09

"The universe of native reverbs has a new gold standard. "-  Recording Mag, 10/09

"This is a damn fine reverb and 2Caudio should be very proud..."-  Sound On Sound, UK, 09/09

"One of the best algorithmic Reverbs we've ever heard!" - Computer Music, 05/09

"Aether offers world-class reverb at a great price..." -  Mix Magazine, 09/10

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