2CAUDIO 2018 Winter Holiday Promo ACTIVE NOW!

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2018 Winter Holiday Promo ACTIVE NOW!

Dear clients and friends,

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Season. We have some cool stories to share with you all today, but first this is a quick final reminder that our Winter Holiday Promo will end in one week. Limited-time pricing is as follows:

Precedence: $74.95. - Save $75 - 50% off during extra feature development, see below!
Breeze 2.1: $99.95. - Save $50 - 33% off, see below!
Aether: $149.95. - Save $100! - 40% off!
B2: $149.95. - Save $100! - 40% off!
Kaleidoscope: $149.95. - Save $100! - 40% off!
The Perfect Storm 3.5: $349.95. - Save $150! 30% off the bundle, 70% off products!
Everything: $449.95. - Save Big! Add Kaleidoscope to Perfect Storm for only $100 more!

This special pricing is going, going, gone... Act now!

New Preset Expansions

We are always humbled by the incredible accomplishments of our clients and deeply honored to be some small part of their creative workflow. We know so many of you are working at the absolute top of your industry segments, and we love it when we have a chance to chat and hear how you are using 2CAudio products. Today we are able to share two incredible client interviews, where we try our best to ask relavent questions that span many topics including musical creativity and inspiration, technology, production techniques, gear, and of course integration of our products. We always learn so much from these interviews and are deeply thankful to The Glitch Mob, and Gareth Coker for participating and sharing their vast knowledge!

The Glitch Mob is a trio from Los Angeles, CA. Over 10 years in the game with 3 albums, multiple EPs and countless remixes. Known for their live performances with their custom stage instrument called The Blade, they have traveled the world playing their music at some of the most renown festivals and venues. Their most recent album See Without Eyes peaked at number one on the iTunes Dance/Electronic chart, the Billboard Hot 100 Dance/Electronic chart, among other various accolades.

Gareth Coker is an award-winning composer for visual media whose score for Moon Studios' platform game Ori and the Blind Forest was met with universal acclaim, garnering numerous awards including the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Award for Outstanding Music Composition and the SXSW Award for Excellence In Musical Score. He also wrote the original scores ARK: Survival Evolved, The Unspoken, and Minecraft: Egyptian, Norse, Chinese, and Greek Mythologies, as well as the Minecraft : Pirates of the Caribbean Mash-up Pack.

New Preset Expansions

As mentioned a few weeks ago, there has been an incredible response to Precedence and there is tremendous interest in this family of topics at the moment; therefore we have decided to immediately invest more development time into Precedence to evolve it into something even more comprehensive and powerful. We have made excellent progress on this in the past 60 days, and will have something to share with you all very soon.

Upon completion of this work, pricing for Precedence and Breeze 2.1 will be adjusted to better reflect their position in our product line and the market. Both products will be priced at $149.95 in 2019. If you are considering either one or both of these, now would be a great time to act as they are unlikely to be this low in the future. The January updates of Precedence and Breeze 2 will be free to existing customers since we are always happy to reward early adopters who help us make our products even better! Future versions of B2 and Aether will become "Precedence Aware" as well. We have not forgotten these two big boys! To be blunt, if you have any of our reverbs, you really should consider picking up Precedence at the current no-brainer offer. It is already an amazing product, and we have even bigger plans for it that will share shortly.

New Preset Expansions

During the Winter Holiday Promo double discounts are currently available for all existing 2CAudio customers who would like to add to their reverb collection. If you have at least one 2CAudio product you can save an additional $25 off Aether, B2, or Breeze 2 by applying this coupon voucher at checkout: Crossgrade_2CAudioReverbs

Existing Breeze 1 customers can upgrade to Breeze 2 for only $49.95. Simply apply this voucher at checkout if you qualify: Upgrade_Breeze2

Existing Perfect Storm 3.0 customers can order Precedence for only $49.95 and this action will upgrade them to Perfect Storm 3.5 status automatically. Simply apply this voucher at checkout if you qualify: Upgrade_PerfectStorm35

Custom upgrades to Perfect Storm 3.5 or Everything from earlier versions of Perfect Storm or some sub-set thereof are also possible. Email for details.


"If there were an effect plug-in of the year award, B2 would certainly get my vote." - Wusik Sound Magazine, 10/2012

"More than the sum of its parts, this amazing dual reverb will blow you away." - Music Radar, 11/2012

"It doesn't take long to realize this is a spectacular plug-in capable of producing an incredibly broad range of effects..." - Computer Music, 11/2012

"10/10! The voicing throughout sounds dense and creamy, but never in a way that can drown a mix." - Music Tech Magazine, 12/2012

"...an engineer's wet dream. The outstanding sound quality, deep programmability and great price make Aether the reverb plug-in to beat!" - EM, 11/09

"The universe of native reverbs has a new gold standard. "-  Recording Mag, 10/09

"This is a damn fine reverb and 2Caudio should be very proud..."-  Sound On Sound, UK, 09/09

"One of the best algorithmic Reverbs we've ever heard!" - Computer Music, 05/09

"Aether offers world-class reverb at a great price..." -  Mix Magazine, 09/10

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