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Welcome to the 2CAudio family. 2CAudio develops industry-leading audio plug-ins in VST, AU, and AAX formats. Our primary focus is on spatial processing, advanced creative effects, and other future-forward ideas. The 2CAudio corporate motto is: Convergent Creative Precision.


Convergent represents our understanding of the universal trend in knowledge and discovery that tells us that over time disparate segments of art, science, technology, and thought merge and become one, and therefore wisdom and progress in one discipline can often be successfully applied to another.


Creative represents our commitment to innovation, independent thought, and invention. We learn from the past, but we do not wish to limit ourselves to mere emulation and duplication. We seek not to emulate the great minds that have come before us, but rather to understand the questions they struggled with, and explore new solutions, ideas, and discoveries using the latest tools of our generation. Moreover, our products are designed to encourage these ideals in our users, and our largest reward is hearing of enhanced creativity that was inspired by our products.


Precision represents our obsessive commitment to rigorous scientific standards of technical and numerical accuracy. The words “Good Enough” are simply not in our vocabulary, and we strive for perfection in all areas of our endeavors. 2CAudio is passionate about both art and science and we consider them both invaluable leaves on the tree of knowledge.


2CAudio prides itself on active engagement with our customers and the market as a whole, and we are always open to your feedback. Our corporate vision is not immutable, and we attempt to mold and form our products according to the needs of our customers. We value your input and thank you for providing it to us. We are always listening via our contact form in the support area of this site.

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